We’ve arrived

We’ve arrived

One episode of Nichijou, then bed.

Or maybe not.

I should, though.

I can’t believe I’m fucking (going to) bed

I still can’t get over the fact that Samuel L Jackson voiced one of the only prominent and intelligent white characters on The Boondocks and in the first episode this character showed up they made like three references to Pulp Fiction.

Shit I noticed slowpoketales on my dash and then I remembered I was going to help her with her Rubyquest game thing

or like the backgrounds or something

shit I fucked up that was like months ago

Try to arouse me with just one sentence

Are there any rpers that you're equally friendly with in and out of character?

I’m generally very friendly with other RPers, unless I’m getting a weird vibe from them, and generally, my characters are less friendly with them than I am.

But I can list a few who I have a pretty similar relationship with in and out of character.

Echo - The Cerebella to my Feng, the Kneesocks to my Stocking, the Asuka to my Mari, and the Homura to my… Mami? Anyways, she’s ridiculous and funny and I love the hell out of her no matter who she’s playing.

Squish - A bit more dissimilar between IC and OOC, but generally we’re very close and very comfortable with one another. I’m her go-to gal which is flattering beyond belief.

Kyle - The John to my Rose and Karkat to my Kanaya, this dude is the other half of my self insert brotp. We chat about the same shit we do IC which I think is pretty cool. Typically involving video games or hot (fictional) babes.

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